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Stretch mark Removal London

The latest in stretch mark reduction treatments harnessing multiple technologies to help restore damaged skin.



Stretch mark removal treatments London

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are one of the most common skin conditions for both men and women. They tend to usually occur after a sudden weight gain, growth spurts, muscle expansion or pregnancy.

At EF MEDISPA, we offer a huge range of bespoke stretch mark removal treatments in London to help you reduce the appearance of those troublesome stretch marks. From injectables to microneedling and laser stretchmark removal treatments, our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators will decide on the most suitable treatment for you usually depending on the type and the age of the stretch marks.

Our highly experienced team of experts will assess the areas you wish to treat and device a bespoke treatment plan according to your type of stretch marks.


Different types of stretch mark removal treatments we offer

Are stretch mark removal treatments painful?

All of the stretch mark removal treatments that are carried out at EF MEDISPA are minimally invasive. You should therefore expect some degree of discomfort. Each patient’s pain threshold varies, so our expert Practitioners are on hand to apply numbing cream if needed and ensure that any discomfort is kept to a minimum.

What can I expect after a stretch mark removal treatment?

Depending on the type of treatment you want to have you should expect the treated area to appear slightly red, tight and sometimes swollen after your treatment. Makeup can be safely applied to cover any signs of treatment however; your therapist will give you all the necessary aftercare tips according to the type of treatment you had.

Why have stretch mark removal treatments at EF MEDISPA?

Our team of skin experts have over 10 years of experience, helping our patients to find the best solution to reduce their stretch marks. Our clinics provide a sterile, yet friendly and welcoming environment for you to receive some of the most cutting-edge aesthetic treatments in the beauty industry. We pride ourselves on only hiring the very best, highly qualified Practitioners to perform our treatments and advise our clients in regards to their beauty concerns. With multiple stretch mark removal treatments available, one of our knowledgeable Treatment Coordinators will assess your skin and problem areas before suggesting the best method of treatment. At EF MEDISPA we focus on treating the individual and all our treatments are completely bespoke and tailored to your needs in order to help you achieve the very best possible results.

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