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excessive sweating

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Causes & Symptoms

Excessive sweating or else known Hyperhidrosis is a common, embarrassing condition that causes the body to over produce sweat. It is very difficult to define what is normal but most people that suffer from excessive sweating are losing more sweat that the average person, even when they are relaxed, under normal temperature, not exercising or doing any manual labour.

Excessive sweating can be caused by some neurologic, hormonal or metabolic diseases (Secondary General Hyperhidrosis); however, most individuals that suffer from excessive sweating tend to be perfectly healthy (Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis). Although high temperature, stress, anxiety and exercising will naturally trigger the sweat glands, people that suffer from hyperhidrosis are sweating regardless of all those factors.

How to treat excess sweating?

EF MEDISPA is offering Hyperhidrosis Injectables to treat excessive sweating. A minimally invasive, long lasting solution to tackle with this embarrassing condition.*

Frequently asked questions

What excessive sweating treatments are available?

There are strong antiperspirant products that you can buy over the counter, however, this is not always an effective solution. Furthermore, for people with severe case of hyperhidrosis Surgeons can suggest a specialised surgery to control the function of sweat glands. However, here at EF MEDISPA we offer a less invasive, non-surgical option to tackle excess sweat, Hyperhidrosis Injectables.

What are Hyperhidrosis Injectables?

Hyperhidrosis Injectables are of the same substance used on Anti-wrinkle Injectibles. They work by blocking the signal the brain sends to the sweat glands. As a result sweat will never be produced from the treated areas.

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