LED Luminous Lift

The most relaxing light treatment to help repair, replenish and rejuvenate your skin.



What is LED Luminous Lift?

The LED Luminous Lift is the perfect treatment to help repair, replenish and revive problem, damaged or ageing skin. This exceptionally effective, cutting-edge treatment combines a rainbow of light frequencies to cleverly deliver immediately visible results. Results can be enhanced with a course of treatments leaving your complexion healthy and glowing.

During a 30-minute LED Luminous Lift the antibacterial properties of blue light can help to calm down acne and breakouts making this an excellent treatment for congested and acne prone skin. The red and near infrared light frequencies encourage the production of collagen to help renew and rejuvenate your complexion. LED Luminous Lift uses an advanced non-ablative light technology that is not aggressive compared to laser treatments, providing remarkable improvements without any post-treatment downtime.

The LED Luminous Lift is the ideal for those with acne, acne scarring, post-surgery scars, injury scars or ageing skin. Even if you don’t suffer with these skin concerns, it can still improve the appearance of healthy skin, adding noticeable radiance and an instant lift.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options.

Which areas can be treated with LED Luminous Lift?

LED Luminous Lift can be used on the face and chest. Therefore, if your skin concerns are visible below the neckline, your décolletage and chest area can be treated effectively too. Whether you wish to tackle acne prone skin, fight the signs of ageing or simply want a quick rejuvenating boost to your complexion, LED Luminous Lift can be an amazing solution.

Which skin concerns can be addresses with LED Luminous Lift?

LED for acne and acne scarring The blue light frequency is exactly what is required when treating acne and acne scarring. It works to heal the skin by increasing blood circulation... +
LED for skin tightening LED Luminous Lift is a great treatment to fight back against the signs of ageing. Within its rainbow of light frequencies the red and infrared lights... +

Summary of LED Luminous Lift Procedure

  • Procedure Time 30 minutes
  • Back To Work Immediately
  • Anaesthetic None
  • Downtime None
  • Duration Of Results Maintenance course may be required
  • Results Course of 6 recommended*

*Individual results may vary.

Why should you have LED Luminous Lift at EF MEDISPA?

At EF MEDISPA we specialise in cutting-edge treatment solutions, such as the LED Luminous Lift, to offer our clients the most bespoke solutions to achieve impressive results. Whatever your skin concerns our expert team are here to help you select the most effective course of treatment.

Our clinics offer privacy and relaxation in a welcoming and sterile environment. We understand that your time with us is precious and we aim to make each and every visit as enjoyable as possible.

The safety and care of our patients is our number one priority – our expert team are highly trained, skilled and experienced to offer you the very best advice and results.

To really understand why you should choose EF MEDISPA for LED Luminous Lift, please take a moment to read our patient stories.

Step by Step LED Luminous Lift



Firstly, you need to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators in order to discuss your skin concern in more detail. They will assess your skin and decide whether LED Luminous Lift is the most suitable treatment to give you the desirable results. Should you decide to proceed with the treatment your next appointment with the Practitioner will be booked.



During the treatment your Therapist will get you to lay comfortable on the bed and set up the LED machine and place it over your head. The head of the machine will not be touching your face but hover over it. This is a very relaxing treatment that most of the times can be combined with a head or a hand massage to help you relax and enjoy the treatment even more.



Once the treatment is finished your Therapist will apply a bespoke serum targeting your individual concern and finish off with an SPF. Right after the treatment you can apply your make up on and resume to daily activities as normal.

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LED Luminous Lift FAQs

Is LED Luminous Lift a safe treatment?

LED Luminous Lift is a safe, FDA approved treatment. The lights used do not contain any harmful UV wavelengths, therefore the treatment is perfectly safe for all skin types.

Is LED Luminous Lift painful?

LED Luminous Lift is one of our most relaxing treatments. All you have to do is lay back and relax whilst the light frequencies gently replenish your skin. Most clients describe the experience as a feeling of light warmth on their skin and many also tend to drift off during the treatment.

Can I go in the sun after LED Luminous Lift?

Yes, you are free to be exposed in the sun. Since LED Luminous Lift does not promote photosensitivity you can go in the sun before and after the treatment.

Can LED Luminous Lift give me a tan?

No, you will not get a tan from LED Luminous Lift, since the treatment doesn’t involve UV rays that trigger the production of melanin, which is responsible for tanning.

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